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I just learned a valuable lesson!!….

So I am replaying twilight princess and I just got the iron boots. I get onto epona and start to head my way to death mountain when i ask my mom what type of horse she thinks epona is, my mom said she looks like a shire but colored like a palomino, I don’t know a lot about horses so I pick up my phone and begin to just text ‘shire’ and I was riding epona with my left hand and texting with my right, I’d look up at the screen after every letter I typed but I ended up crashing epona into a wall 3 of the 5 letters! And epona is hard to get back on track cause when u run into a wall she likes to back up for a bit….. NEVER text while riding epona guys and ESPECIALLY while really driving! Cause I mean damn! If I crash in a zelda game I can walk out without a scratch! But in real life…. I could have died!

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    Video games teach us valuable lessons.
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